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Hello from Terry the Pterodactyl!

Hi there!

My name is Terry and I’m a pterodactyl!

What is a pterodactyl, you may ask? Pterodactyls are winged reptiles that lived throughout the Jurassic time period, over 145 million years ago! But don’t worry, you won’t need to travel back in time to be my friend! 

I live in a magical prehistoric world in the Cloud Doodle universe! My home is covered in big rocky boulders, tall leafy trees and vast snowy plains that dinosaurs make their homes in. Dinosaurs of all sorts live here, and they all have their own habitat that they like best. Pterodactyls like to live in trees or inside caves, but always near water! We love to eat yummy fish, and like to live near rivers, lakes and oceans so we can hunt. My Mama always swoops up into the air and dives her long beak into the water to catch fish for us to eat. She says that one day I’ll be able to catch my own fish and some for her too. I also like to eat insects, but I bet you wouldn’t find that very tasty!

Pterodactyls are known for being fantastic flyers! I’m just a baby pterodactyl, so I have not learned how to fly yet, but I will one day. Pterodactyls come in all shapes and sizes, and some are as small as a crow, while others can be as big as a hang glider! Some pterodactyls can have a wing span of 40 feet. That means when they stretch out, their leathery wings are about the same size as a school bus! Isn’t that neat?

Some of the other dinosaurs can be mean bullies and make fun of me for not being able to fly yet like other pterodactyls can. But one day I will, and I’ll soar high up into the sky! But for now, I don’t mind playing with my Mama and winning at Dino Bowling. I’m the best at it!

Come play with me!