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How to Draw a Pterodactyl in 10 Steps!

Terry the Dinosaur is almost here, and we bet you've been enjoying the adorable photos of him circulating on our social media! We thought now would be a great opportunity to show you how to draw your own pterodactyl, using Cloud Doodle: Colour and Draw!

Here's 10 simple steps to follow when drawing your very own pterodactyl!

1. First off, draw a tilted oval. This will be part of your pterodactyl's head! Make sure that the colour you use is the colour you want your pterodactyl's body to be.

2. Next, draw a long triangle at the top of the oval. This is the pointy part at the back of the pterodactyl's head!

3. Now give your pterodactyl a body! Draw a larger, vertical oval, attached to the first oval.

5. Give your pterodactyl arms and legs! We decided to give ours smaller feet, but you can draw full legs if you'd like!

6. Time for some wings! Draw two upside down triangles underneath your pterodactyl's arms.

7. Fill in that pterodactyl! Using the fill feature, colour in your pterodactyl. Make sure that all of the lines you've drawn are in closed shapes so that you don't end up accidentally colouring in the background!

8. Give your pterodactyl some texture! Pick another colour and outline your pterodactyl in order to highlight it's features.

9. Detail is key! Sketch in some more lines, give your pterodactyl eyes and little nose holes, and don't forget to colour in it's wings with any design you choose! 

10. Finish up the remaining details (like your pterodactyl's smile and eye colour!) and don't forget to draw in a place for it to play! The sky is the limit for this part. We drew our pterodactyl a rocky plain, but feel free to be creative! You can place your pterodactyl on the beach, in the city, or even high up in the clouds!

Have you drawn a great pterodactyl picture? Or maybe a picture of another prehistoric creature? Tweet us or post on our Facebook wall and we'll share it on our feed!

Happy sketching!

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