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Top 5 Kids Movies That You Can Draw With Cloud Doodle!

The new year has shaped up to be a really cold month, and sometimes it’s hard to find great activities for the whole family on those -30 days. So here at Cloud Doodle, we’ve come up with a list of our favourite family movies that you and your family will have a blast watching! Family movie nights are always a sure fire way to have fun with your loved ones, all while in the cozy warmth of your own home! 

Here’s our top 5 family movies, drawn with Cloud Doodle Colour and Draw! Can your child draw their favourite part of these movies?

1. Lion King

2. Frozen

3. Toy Story

4. Mary Poppins

5. Monsters Inc

Wanna let us know who your favourite movie characters are to draw with your child? Tweet us or give us a shout on our Facebook page and we'll share your doodles, too!

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