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Introducing Terry the Dinosaur!

We’re excited to announce that in the next few weeks we’ll be releasing our very first Cloud Doodle Storybook! Cloud Doodle Storybooks, part of our Cloud Doodle brand created by Translucent Computing, are interactive and education storybooks that travel across the universe and tell immersive, heart-warming stories. 

Our debut is Terry the Dinosaur, a story that follows the tale of a young pterodactyl named Terry who is bullied because he is different. Terry has yet to learn how to fly, and because this sets him apart from the other dinosaurs, he is teased and taunted by his prehistoric peers. Terry must learn how to overcome the bullying, and in the process, learns the value of friendship. 

With beautiful artwork, intuitive design and characters full of personality, Terry the Dinosaur is an adventure for the whole family. We’ve also included games and colouring activities integrated within the story to enhance the interactive experience. Kids can help Terry learn how to express himself by colouring him in and giving him a new look when he’s feeling down. Or play Dino Bowling with Terry and his new friend to celebrate the joys of being yourself!

Here at Cloud Doodle, we feel that stories like Terry’s are not only fun and entertaining, but help children learn important messages whilst growing up. Reading is an important skill to foster, and we really hope that your child will find our Storybook apps to be a fresh, exciting and immersive learning aid as they grow.

If you want to learn more about Terry and Cloud Doodle, check out our Facebook page, or visit our website

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