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6 Things You Need To Know To Write Your Very Own Story!

We’re getting closer to the release of Terry the Dinosaur, so in the spirit of storytelling, we brainstormed a list of exciting ways you and your child can try to get the creative juices flowing and write a story together! 

Storytelling is a great way to flex those creative muscles! But sometimes its hard to figure out just where to start. Here’s our top six things you need to know before writing your own story!

Not everyone is born with skills like Shakespeare. Becoming a good writer takes lots of time and work!

1. Plot 
What on earth happens in my story?! That’s the question a lot of writers have when they first have an idea they would like to write. The plot is the sequence of main events that happen in your story. It helps when you write out all of the events you want to have happen in your story, and see if they all connect in what writers call ‘a narrative’. A narrative is a group of collected and connected events that happen to a character.

2. Character
A character is a person who appears in your story. Your main character, the one you choose to follow from the start to end of your story, is called a protagonist. Your protagonist will need to interact with all sorts of different characters in the story in order to create action in the plot. All characters have goals, which is something they want to accomplish or obtain. These goals are usually what motivates a character to take action in the narrative.

3. Obstacles
Your character will need to encounter obstacles in the narrative in order to make the story eventful. A story with a character easily achieving their goal is not an eventful or interesting one! Brainstorm different problems that your character could encounter on their journey. But don’t forget to brainstorm ways of solving those problems, too!
Give your characters obstacles to encounter.

4. Climax
All stories need to reach a point where all of the action builds up into one big important event! That event is called the climax. Story arcs are made up of the rising action (the action building towards an important, character changing event), the climax (the important, character changing event) and the falling action (the events that happen afterwards that lead to the ending of the story). 

5. Beginnings and Endings
Sometimes the hardest part of writing a story is deciding how it will begin, and more importantly, how it will end. Put a lot of thought into these parts! A beginning needs to grab your reader’s attention so that they will want to read the rest of the story, and an ending is important for summing up the entire story as a whole.

6. Theme
Theme may be the most important part of your story! Deciding on a theme boils down what exactly your story is about. Is it a story about love? A story about friendship? Maybe it’s a story about growing up! A theme is the idea behind your story, and it is what moves everything in the story forward.

Writing a story can be hard work, but it's worth it! 

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