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Drawing a Christmas Tree with Cloud Doodle! 10 Easy Steps for Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and we bet that you parents are keeping your children busy with fun festive activities! Making Christmas cards is a great way to bond with your child, so here at TCinc, we've decided to put together an easy 10-step guide on how to draw a Christmas tree using Cloud Doodle for your kids to try out! Open up Cloud Doodle, enter the Free Draw mode and follow these simple steps:

1. Draw a triangle. This will be the top of your tree, so don't make it too big!

2. Draw another half triangle beneath it.

3. And another one! This will be the bottom of the tree, so make sure to make it nice and wide!

4. Colour it in! Choose a nice deep green colour to fill in the lines. Or, if you're feeling extra creative, choose a completely different colour, like purple or blue!

5. Give your tree some texture! Sketch in some lines with a lighter shade of the colour you filled your tree with. This will give your tree some more character and depth!

6. Time for some needles! Using lighter shades than your fill colour, start to draw in the pine needles on the tree.

7. Every tree needs a trunk! Make sure to draw a small square beneath your tree and fill it with brown (or whatever other funky colour you choose!)

8. Add some tinsel to your tree! Choose a brand new colour and draw squiggly lines across parts of your tree. We used two different colours here for two different kinds of tinsel!

9. Decorations! Cloud Doodle offers multiple different kinds of brushes. Using one of the other brushes, draw your decorations on the tree. Make sure to switch up the colours and spread them out so the whole tree is covered!

10. Last but definitely not least, put a star on top of your tree. You can either draw one by hand, or use the star paintbrush in the colours and brushes menu! 

It's as simple as that! Using Cloud Doodle, you can either export your child's festive drawing to social media, email or your device's gallery. Or you can use your drawing in our postcard feature and create a postcard you can mail out via the internet, or print out on your own for your child to give to friends and family! 

Happy Holidays from the Translucent Computing & Cloud Doodle team!

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